Wigan UTC students ‘Make their Mark’
10th October 2018
What Wigan UTC Pupils are saying
12th October 2018

World Mental Health Day Wednesday 10th October

Students welcome a guest speaker who shared his experiences of working in the Mental Health system .

He visited on world mental health day to help us understand how mental health affects people. He also told us how to support mental health problems and how to help a friend in need with mental health issues. He also gave us statistics to give an idea of the amount of people struggling with mental health, which helped us visualise the impacts.”

Toni, Morgan, Charlotte in YR 11

Staff and students are taking the time to talk today during our Curry and Chaat event. A tasting competition will take place to raise funds from the Mental Health Foundation.


This was organised to give us a chance to talk about mental health awareness and to bring the students and teachers together. There was a curry tasting competition to chat about mental health awareness. This meant that the students could have a longer lunch to take the time to chat. The small things matter when it comes to mental health.

Toni, Morgan, Charlotte in YR 11